FunnyWhat was your 1st Gamertag or PSN?Posted:

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I think I was like 10 or 11 when I had my first gamertag on the 360 lol

It was.. ExcludedJohnnyG, embarrassing huh

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First Gamertag on the 360 was waaaaaay back when, I think I was 10.

Tag was; xxevilmonkeysxx
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My name, man, it was my runescape name from back in 07, it was pksickboy121

i still remember my squads old gamertags from nearly 9 years ago, we had Fallingjahb, L1LMJThriller, peelmeonions and alertpickle
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My first gamer tag was pur3 ii Bull3tz
And my first psn was im_even_better
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My first gamertag Microsoft gave me was Mannerlynormal9
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My first one was like QuadOcean8494. The Xbox gave me that name
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My first xbox given name was ToastedWire847

And my first actual gamertag was II SK1LLZ II
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The first gamertag Xbox gave me was mky3 and that was on 360 back in 2009.
I actually kept that gamertag for a while before changing it. Im actually wanting to change it back to mky3 but im too cheap to give Microsoft 10 dollars to change it what a drag right.
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Mine was blackxatwitch lol
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Mine was ZingeistTrain68
Got it from Microsoft
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