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Alright now don't ask why I watched all 127 episodes of this back in like April but now to talk about it for no reason

OK now the first season was extremely boring it took so much out of me it was pretty much the same thing the entire time some kids egg gets an X on it then amu makes it normal again legit that's the entire first season

Only ok season was doki it changed a little bit but its pretty much the same thing tbh but the little changes made it less exhausting to watch

Party was so stupid like half the episodes were just filled with stupid irl Japanese ladies doin weird stuff

also it made me feel strange watching it since I'm 21 but that's besides the point


amu should have went with ikuto cus cat boy > prince

Ikuto and yoru are the best characters

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bwuahahahaha... I still can't believe you watched this series.

The series itself is aimed towards children, it revolves around a simple plot whereby you have a main character and a group of supporting characters work together to protect children's hopes and dreams which are represented by these eggs in which Loke is referring to, from bad people. It is a standard good prevails over evil sort of thing and tries to teach the viewers to be good to one another, something often present in stories aimed towards children.

I don't expect anyone here to actually enjoy the series because of its target audience and plot, but hey, if you feel like watching over 100 episodes all the while contemplating the life choices you made to bring you to the point of watching this series, be my guest.
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Lmao I'm so glad you posted a review on this Loke. I won't be watching, especially after checking out the MAL for this too.

Laughing at Mortar's response as well XD
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