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FootballFIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Discussions | Latest ResultsPosted:

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Please feel free to use this thread to discuss anything about the World Cup, I will be keeping this thread up to date on the latest news, Results, and highlights from all the matches. To watch the World Cup matches just click on one of the links below, matches are being shown on both ITV and BBC, which is good because all you have to do is sign up and takes 30 seconds to do so, and its free. Hope you guys enjoy the thread.



Watch All World Cup Matches Live On ITV
Watch All World Cup Matches Live On BBC

Schedule & Results

Highlights From All Knock Out Matches

Fifa has blocked TheTechGame from watching the videos on this thread, so just click the video, and click Watch On YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience.







World Cup: Virtual Reality takes you 'inside' the stadium


BBC Sport is bringing you the chance to experience the 2018 FIFA World Cup from Russia in virtual reality.

All 33 games from the BBC - including England's Group G games against Tunisia and Panama, and the final from Moscow - will be available via the BBC Sport VR 2018 FIFA World Cup app.

Users will be able to watch the action direct from the stadium in a fully immersive environment - as if you were actually watching from inside the stadium in your own hospitality box.

Watch BBC TV games in virtual reality with commentary from Match of the Day and a live stats dashboard with real-time match information.

There will also be build-up to every live game, match highlights in VR and feature content in 360-degree video.

You can watch in VR on your smartphone, tablet or - for an enhanced experience - VR headset.

How do I access it?
If you have already downloaded the app, you can go straight to the game here:

Portugal v Spain (19:00 BST) - MobileGear VR

Users will need to download the BBC Sport VR - FIFA World Cup 2018 app, which is now available via the links below on:

Oculus and Samsung Gear VR
Sony PlayStation VR users will be able to access it via the PlayStation store.

You will also need a VR or 360 device to watch the matches, and an internet connection in order to download the app and stream the matches.

Please note: the BBC Sport World Cup VR app is separate from the main BBC Sport app - it is a standalone app purely for this virtual reality experience.

What will be available
Inside the app, users will enter the BBC's virtual World Cup lounge, where they will be able to access live match action and highlights.

All 33 matches from the World Cup which are broadcast live on BBC television will be available to watch in the Virtual Reality app. You can see a full list of the group games which will be broadcast on the BBC here.

Highlights of the other games from the tournament will also be available.

Safety and terms of use
The app, live streams and other related content are provided by Livelike on behalf of BBC Sport. App Store and other third-party terms of use will apply. Please read carefully and follow your VR or 360 device supplier's safety information.

Certain content may not be appropriate for all users and may contain repetitive flashing images, such as strobe effects. The app is suitable for people aged 16+ years. This is provided on an 'as is' basis.

It is part of an experimental project and the BBC cannot ensure the availability or quality of the app and/or its content.

British singer Robbie Williams and Brazil legend Ronaldo got the 2018 World Cup in Russia under way with the opening ceremony in Moscow.

Williams performed a series of his hits, joined by Russian soprano Aida Garifullina, prior to the opening game between the hosts and Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo dummied the opening kick, allowing a child to pass the ball to mascot Zabivaka.

Russian president Vladimir Putin then gave a speech at the Luzhniki Stadium.

"We are sincerely happy to host the World Cup in our country," he said.

"Football is truly loved here. Russia is an open, hospitable and friendly country."

What happened?
A large image of a football was overlaid on the pitch, with a stage in the centre, surrounded by dancers.

Former Real Madrid and Barcelona striker Ronaldo, who scored twice as Brazil beat Germany in the 2002 final and was part of the 1994 winning squad, walked out with a child wearing a Russia 2018 shirt.

Former Take That singer Williams, wearing a red and black leopard print suit, then took over proceedings with a rendition of "Let Me Entertain You", before Garifullina was carried out on to the pitch on the back of a 'firebird' float.

Williams sang with a of "Feel" before he and Garifullina performed a duet of "Angels" as performers emerged, dressed in the colours of the flags of all 32 teams and carrying a sign bearing the name of each nation.
Ronaldo returned with the official ball, which was sent into space with the International Space Station crew in March and came back to earth earlier this month.

He then shaped to take the official kick but pulled out, inviting the child to pass it to Zabivaka, a brown and white wolf that is the official mascot of the tournament.
As the playing surface was cleared in time for kick-off, Williams closed with "Rock DJ".


World Cup 2018: FA fined £50k for England players' unauthorised socks

The FA has been fined 70,000 Swiss francs (£50,000) after Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Raheem Sterling wore "unauthorised" socks at the World Cup.

The players wore branded ankle support socks over official Nike socks, ignoring a Fifa warning to stop.

Fifa said the FA's fine was for "breaching media and marketing regulations and the Fifa equipment regulations".

The fine followed England's quarter-final win over Sweden.

Fifa said several England players "continued to display unauthorised commercial branding on playing equipment items before and during the quarter-final match between Sweden and England".

The Swedish FA has also been punished with the same fine for a similar sock offence earlier in the tournament.

That makes it the joint second highest fine at the World Cup behind Argentina's 105,000 Swiss franc (£80,000) punishment after their fans threw objects and chanted homophobic abuse.


World Cup Russia 2018 Contest

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So many poor games in group stages xD

Egypt Uruguay will be first game i watch. only about 7 good matches in all group stages
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great post now I don't have to watch the sht matches. keep us updated
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Now I can be kept up to date with any of the matches I miss, thanks Mikey!
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  • Christmas!
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Hangar wrotegreat post now I don't have to watch the sht matches. keep us updated

No such thing as shit matches marra
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Looks like Russia taking this one boys.
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  • Winter 2018
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Already hearing news that the 49ers stadium is in the running to try to host in the future. Thinking of the traffic since it's down the street makes me want to cry.
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  • Summer 2019
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that game was hella fixed.
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  • E3 2018
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Just watched the goals of the match, some not bad playing I have to admit but let's see what the rest of the World Cup holds in store for us
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Luna wrotethat game was hella fixed.

Not really, Saudi Arabia are just shit
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