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Man just copped a job at subway :hype:

Just wanted to know from all the UK folks that work at subway (if there is anyone) what a normal day consists of and whether or not i will be making sandwiches because i read somewhere that to be a 'sandwich artist' you need to be 18 or older...

Also whats the pay like for a 16 year old?


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Nice one mate! I don't work in subway but i work in retail in the UK and i get national living wage as a 21 year old which is 7.50 an hour, i believe 16 year old's NLW is 4.20 an hour but i could be wrong. Most retail places pay national living wage.

Theres a site called Glassdoor, google it and check it out with subway and past employees usually input all that info on for you
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i work a bakery, we have charts on how much whatever goes on the sandwiches, just play perfect for the first day, then just put whatever on them (like for example, its like 8 olives per sandwich) just grab some and put them on the sandwitch, don't sit there and burn yourself out doing math in your head.
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Not sure how it is there, but here in Canada if we want to work at a fast food place and make food we need to have our food safe and minimum wage here has gone up so not sure what it's at now. But it doesn't matter what age you are it depends on your job title: Supervisor, Cleaner, etc. But congrats on the job bud.
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Subway probably won't pay anything about the minimum wage at your age.
If you can't make sandwiches you'd probably do dishes and clean, etc
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worked there once when i was little younger. It depends on the owners. Pay attention to the people you work with because this is still predominant in the shops.

Notice how much meat/produce is used in general. Learn to cut clean, and bake for a small amount of time if needed.

Now the reason i said this is a lot of the store owners are stingy. While yes you'd think they are supplied with minimal charge it isn't like that. They have to pay for the stuff usually, while not always at extensive pricing, it can run it up. If you don't follow what the others do or you do your own thing adding in "too much" according to your boss. Quickly fix that or you will lose your job in a week. A few of the places around here it is constantly having new hires. Everyone you can tell it's for the same reason.

I.E the people who tend to make these "near minimal" subs keep their job, whereas the people who do put a little more in than the others end up not being seen there a couple days/weeks later. So just keep an eye on that.

Other than that, you will likely be cleaning, and or spending your day/night restocking, setting up and closing. It all fully depends on your boss on what you will be doing. Subway is more of a team effort job. Sometimes you're cleaning, prepping or working window/upfront.
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Please bake some fu&^ing bread, anytime i go into a subway that isn't in a very popular place its empty

they will pay 4.20 more than likely as this is the national living wage for anyone under 18
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