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  • Christmas!
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I'm a few months late but 8 years in March

Even tho I don't have a lot of posts I've been very active just in the background lol

The site now is millions times better way less spam anyways any other 8 year or higher members what's ur favourite memory about the old site

Shoutout to all the staff for doing a very good job keeping the bs posts or spammers gone

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  • E3 2018
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Congratulations on hitting 8 years! Even if it was a few months back
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Congrats on 8 years!
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  • Winter 2017
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Congrats on 8 years !
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Congratulations brother
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Congrats on 8 years, however I miss the old leeching days or the v4 site however I've adapted to the v5 site now.
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grats on the 8 years you old timer.

Hope to see you around!
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Way less spam?

Have you met Mikey and Maze yet

jkjk well it's nice knowing you're in the background creeping on us

pop in the shoutbox and say hello once in a while
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats on becoming an 8 year member man, that's a very long time. I'm jealous.
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