Milestone13k Posts!! The top 5 poster grind just got realPosted:

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Just got another 1k post out the way, so now the real grind for that 15k badge, once I get that 15k JUGGERNAUT badge, ill have Top 5 poster pretty much in the bag.

I'll probably see you at my next milestone 800 gifts of gold before I get 14k, so see you then guys.


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It will be 12,000 posts here in a little bit.

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See you next week for 14k

Congratulations Mikey.

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maDz wroteIt will be 12,000 posts here in a little bit.


Plz do it

Well done on 13,000 posts though you giant spam.
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That meme just got me lmao. Congrats Mikey, but remember, it's about the quality and not always the quantity m8.

Not saying your post aren't of good quality...just throwing that out there
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Congratulations Mikey, your on a proper grind. Good to see how dedicated you are to the site. All the best on 15,000 man.

Thanks for the giveaway that I won as well, you're a top bloke.
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Damn Mikey just 2k away! I can't wait to see you hit 15k. Congratulations man and keep ya the spam <3
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Nice one bruv. Alot off posts good achievement!

See you at 15 bud
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Rest in peace to famous.
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Congratz see you tomorrow for 14k

#iloveaspammer ;)
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