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Hi im pretty new to this so here goes i bought a PS3 - CECH-G03 and attempted to jailbreak it with a USB and the internet method for 4.82 and it bricked my PS3. I did some research and apparently this is fixable. But my PS3 is a nand and when i look on ebay to buy an E3 flasher it says nor flasher and some people on forums say you have to do alot of soldering for the nand models you cant just buy an E3 flasher and plug it in like the nor models so im not sure whether to buy one. So what do i need to get a dump of my nand PS3?
Any help is appriciated
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This probably won't work but download the official Ps3 update and put it on the root of a USB drive.
Start up the Ps3 with the USB plugged into the right USB port and it may read and install the update,
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I would say look on youtube.

Truth be told, you dont even need a e3 flasher anymore,

all you need is a usb, a **** brain, and youtube. my ps3 was flashed with a e3 flasher. but to avoid all of those issues, use a usb and look up on youtube on how to do it

Hope this helps!
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