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Most of us have seen the reveal of Fallout 76 today, and there are a lot of mixed opinions of it.
Bethesda teased us with a short trailer on the 30th of May, and I really enjoyed it. It was simple, but it had a lot of teasers and spoilers in it. The biggest one for me is the date that was on the pipboy. That showed that the game is way before any of the other fallout's have been in. 20 years after the bombs fell.

Then today, during the Xbox E3 presentation, we got a glimpse of a new trailer release. This one portrays an individual in power armor watching the nuke go off, until he ultimately dies from it. The multiple people walking over his remains gave me the idea that it would be a multiplayer game. The trailer shows a bunch of different locations among the world.

Fallout 76 will be taking place in the West Virginia area, which I think is an amazing place to have it. Since it wasn't hit with the nuclear missiles as hard as other locations, I'm expecting to see much more plant life, much more wild life, and a whole lot more interaction with the environment.

Now, I'm a fan of PvP, When I heard this was gonna be Primarily Online, but not MMO, I was excited. if this Game Reflects DayZ (Horrible), Rust (Ok), or anything with a survival aspect, I may be interested. I've always had a Love for Endless, Survival Based Games, and I've been hoping for a Survival Based, Close to the Great War Fallout Game for awhile. I know I'm not the only Member here who wanted a Game like this, and now we get our Game. I can truly Role-Play with my Characters. I can choose how I want to play as, and be what I want to be. With Bethesda's "Good Guy always Wins" Type of Storytelling, you're never allowed to be a "Mean or Evil" Character. I hope we have the Option to be like a Raider or Bandit in Fallout: 76, as that would be the Cherry on the Cake for me.

This is the part that won me over. A fully dynamic map. I love the idea that you can change the world map to your wanting. I could see where it would get annoying, as if you were to spend a whole lot of time building your home base, just to have it destroyed. That part isn't all that hot, but it adds more to the realistic standpoint of the game. If nuclear fallout was to happen in real life, everything would not be "peaches and cream". Everyone would not be your friend. This option to destroy other bases, destroy the landscape, it makes the game more real.

Overall, I am really excited for this game. Plus, the Power Armor edition will give you so many incentives. In game, and out of game. You will receive a T-51 Power Armor helmet with a fully functioning head lamp and voice changer. You will also receive a map of the world (it glows in the dark).

Dubbed the Power Armor Edition, the game is housed in the Tricentennial Edition Steelbook, a metal game case that will house the Fallout 76 game disc. And Power Armor Edition owners will also get special, bonus in-game items. Those who pre-order the Power Armor Edition will get access to the Fallout 76 beta.

Edit: Fallout 76 will have no NPCs. Every human interaction you will encounter will be another live human player. Quests will be delivered by robots. I think this is an amazing idea. The servers you will be on will not be over populated with people.

The PVP option will be easily avoidable because of this. If you want to play fallout alone, or with a group, you can still have the same fallout experience

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Waiting for the announcement "you have to pay to unlock this area."
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I'm extremely hyped for this game as my dad was born in Spain and later moved to West Virginia and I was showing him pictures of it and he was like yeah that's the bridge and the something river (I forgot the specific name) And I went to the next picture and before I even said anything he said it's the capital. And he didn't care if I pre-ordered it. I'm tempted to buy the power armor edition.
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My buddy is really hyped for this game, I never really got into the Fallout genre but I might cop this game seeing how my buddy is super pumped lol

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Im super excited for this fallout, mind i have worrys that itl end up like ark on the official servers where people build every where to stop you building.
Aslong as you can do private games il be happy
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Btw I haven't played any fall out game before but for this game i am very excited as I loved the trailer and I hope that the gameplay will be the same as of gameplay
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