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Would you prefer Cod4 or MW2?

Explain why you chose your answer.

I'd say it's a hard decision for me, but I would have to go with MW2 as I just enjoyed the game so much, it even had a sad campaign with having the death of Ghost.

Also with the release of Cod4 Remastered, do you think the Original Cod4 or Cod4: Remastered is better? Explain why.

I would have to say the original Cod4 is better, the way the remastered one is just isn't the same as the original, a long with sniping, and the leveling up takes forever.

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Mw2 all day
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MW2 ftw
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cod4 the cod remasted ruined it with supply drops etc but the campaign is still fun to play
mw2 is fun but its highly flawed like oma, the amount of glitches was absurd, it took forever to patch the mods and now the game is ruined by kids thinking its still cool to mod

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Updated thread.

Please edit your posts for those who already replied with your answers and to those who see this please leave a decent explanation.
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I like Mw2 more. I feel like sniping was a lot better, nothing beats the feel of the intervention. Reg gunning/try harding is the best because nothing beats the TAR21, UMP45, and Famas + nuking in that game started it all, made the game a ton of fun
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I like MW2 a hell of a lot better Idek why I just liked the game more while playing it I just really enjoyed all of it leveling up and grinding, late nights and all nighters with the boys, GB, sniping just everything about it was just fun. Like if I had a time machine I would go back to those days far before going back to Cod 4.

As for cod 4 and mwr I look at them equally to be honest as I do like the original cod 4 for its classic style I do like mwr for a lot of reason mostly the additions like the prestige's and new guns now I know a ton of people actually dis like that they added prestige's and guns but I think the slight change was right to do it is on the new gen after all.
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I mean, I like Modern Warfare 3 the best. I'd pick the second one over the first though. I also pick the remastered version over the original. Better graphics, no modding.
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MW2 was my entire life. I really enjoyed it, bummed it out as much as possible.
Then I started playing MW3, and my god. I really really enjoyed that too! So I'm stuck between the two of them.
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Mw2 was like my childhood haha.

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