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Almost two years ago I posted a similar topic here:

However today has been such an interesting day for me and my fianc.

At 6am this morning she woke me up and told me she is having contractions.

Within a hour we had set off to the hospital where she was almost ready to push in the car journey there!
We had to get her there quickly also reassuring her as much as I could (my father was driving).

We arrived at the maternity hospital and I ran in to get some help from the midwives, they ran out got her onto a wheel chair and straight into a labour suite.
Within minutes of her being on the labour suite, she had given birth to my beautiful daughter weighing 7.8lbs.

I couldn't be more proud of her!

I will post a photo soon.

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Congrats man! That's big news. Good luck.
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Damn man, congratulations, glad to hear you made it to the hospital on time. Wish you guys all the best, be looking forward to seeing a picture soon
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Cheers guys. Means a lot
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Congratulations Matthew that is great news!
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That is such huge Matthew, must be a amazing feeling!
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Huge congrats to you man!

Me and my girl are planning to try for our first soon.
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Congratz brother
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Congratulations on becoming a Father for the third time! The feeling never gets old. Hope mother and baby are good and well!
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Congratulations man that's awesome!
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