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Recently my computer hasn't been running games to the standard that I would like it to have, I've played games one day, getting a solid 60+ fps, and if I was to go back onto the game a few days later it would be lucky to even reach 60fps, any advice?


Intel i5 4460
GTX 970
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do you have a hdd or a ssd?
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did you turn it on and off?
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What windows are you running?
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Could potentially be the creators of the games fault as well. For example
I was running perfect 120 frames on Fortnite before an update rolled out the previous night.
I get on the next day update my game and noticed I'm having screen tears and hitches every once in awhile. They had to release an update later that week to fix the issues.

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Download 360 Total Security and run all of the tests/cleaners and your computer will be running much better after doing so. It is completely free. I use the Program anytime I feel my computer is running weird and most of the time it fixes whatever it was jacking up my computer. Try that and let me know if its still running slower then average.
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Odds are something changed in the game to cause it to run slower. Without more details it's hard to give a specific answer.

Or another possibility is you might need to restart your computer. Windows is known for memory leaks. Those leaks slowly pile up over time causing performance drops. (you can't really prevent this) You can temporarily fix the leaks by restarting your computer.

But have you noticed any performance drops anywhere else on your computer? Browsers, other games, etc.?
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Check the settings in your game to the recommend for your pc to run the game smoothly.

Run virus scans.
Uninstalled any dodgy programs you might have downloaded recently.
Could be signs of a HDD dying (pc start up become slower? And has the interaction of windows become slower?)
Make sure all your drivers are up to date
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Like others have said, I would try and run a virus can, maybes clean up registry files as well. You can use CCleaner to complete those tasks.

As Critical said, is there any other specific tasks your PC is struggling to complete? (That it could complete usually)
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Probably wasting your time with virus scans and cleanup tools.

Start by checking your CPU, GPU, memory, and hard drive usage when your performance drops. Are any of these maxed out?

For example, if your memory is near 90% utilization, too much paging will cause problems. Games will normally be limited in performance by either CPU or GPU.
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