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  • Winter 2017
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My Hero Academia

With the latest episode of My Hero Academia being so good, many people have been wondering about Izuku's 1,000,000 percent Detroit Smash. The creator of the show chimed on it to clarify things for everyone. I thought this was too interesting not to share!

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So this is what I initially thought anyways, but I guess some people were confused. Basically, Deku's attack was not actually at 1,000,000 power, and him shouting this was symbolic of greater emotions. Apparently, this image was taken directly from the manga.

Overall this was such a great episode. It got me pumped

Everything I wrote here is my own words, but much of the background information along with the image was from this [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] .

I would love to know what you guys thought about the latest episode?

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