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Who am I?

Hello There I am Spencer and i'm a streamer on the Twitch platform, while I gained traction when I originally started streaming almost 2 years ago I have been on and off again losing interest in gaming in general. Now occasionally attempting to get back into the whole world of streaming I hope you would like to join me in watching the content I provide! I have 110 followers and while many don't tune it possibly due to the break I took I am a affiliate on twitch and have emotes as well as subscriber badges.

I aim to provide a professional-ish quality stream with the audio and graphics quality, I stream at 720p60FPS in order to allow users with a lower bit-rate to have less troubles with buffering while watching, and to keep a great quality stream. I use stream labs and regular OBS to stream and I am open to answer any questions you may have. My graphics are created by myself and currently I am looking to keep them as they are as I find I change them far too often.

To finalize I have also finished off a new setup (yet again) where I am placed in a smaller room so sound can travel better still using my same old microphone but unfortunately I am missing my webcam so for now the gameplays will be of just the game on screen and notifications when they pop up, and of course my voice. I hope you decide to come check out the stream and look below for what is coming in the future of my streams.

Stream Photos [Sub Badges, Emotes]

Current Sub Icons
These are my current sub-icons which are of medieval-esque design. They are banners but may change within the future. I like the design and I believe it looks great on the stream. From left to right is based on loyalty and how long you've been a subscriber.
View of the 1 year subscriber in chatbox.

Current Emotes
These are the current emotes! One is of my wonderful fat cat, the other two are of me! As of right now I only have 1 regular tier sub emote and that's the cat. With any further emotes gained I will move the additional ones into those slots and create even better ones for those slots. These are always down to be changed and if you have any ideas please let me know!

So please consider a follow on my twitch channel!

My Stream!

thread will be posted on when I go live.

Future Streams?
As of right now I have no set schedules, but here are the upcoming games I am planning on doing.

    Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer
    Classic Battlefront 2 Multiplayer
    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
    Star Wars KOTOR 1/2
    DBZ Kakarot second look (played through it once it's time for a second playthrough)

I've been streaming for the past couple days now of Galactic Supremacy and other game modes on SWBF2 on the PC. Wtach me progress and "slowly" become better? Maybe. I am up for any suggestions for any kind of games as well!

The Discord was created by TTGs own Loke, I am grateful for the effort he put in and continues to put in to make the server look professional. As of right now it's still being worked on but I have a couple things I would like to mention.

The Discord has MEE6 bot for a level system to keep you actively chatting and promote conversation among other viewers, if I am making new friends you are too! I have also integrated my twitch so if you're a subscriber you will get a special Twitch Subscriber rank that will separately display you from the other users.

In the future more ranks like a Suggester and others will be added for what you do in the stream and discord. I want to make the community big on suggesting games, new additions, graphics anything that will improve the overall quality of the stream. I mean you can work towards this rank by suggesting new ranks in the discord!

Want to join? Here is a link!

Any Social Medias?

As of right now the main focus is the use of my Twitch Channel and the Discord channel. You can access them both from these two links below.


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Best streamer I ever had the chance 2meat

He can give ninja a run for his money LOL
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your stream is the best man keep up the good work
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Great communicator! Interacts with his followers extremely well. He always has some way to keep his streams interesting!
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Was watching your stream a bit when Loke was sharing it in the SB. I gave you a follow . I just made a new Twitch, and my username is ChocolateConnor lmao. But yeah I gave you a follow. Checked out some of your GTA vids as well. You have some great content, keep it up my dude.
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I've chucked you a follow bro.

Keep it up
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SHEESH can you say hottest streamer on twitch? Give this guy a follow because I'm already following him IRL!

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I'll check it out soon. I forgot my twitch login I'll reset it at work tomorrow. :*

Good luck with the channel m8.
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Send me a screenshot of you following Spencer and I might shoot ya some rep.

Help my man out.
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