Forum GamesWhat are three things you take to a Deserted Island ?Posted:

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I Would take

- Fishing line - Catch fish
- Hunting knife - hunt , protect yourself with
- Rop - Tie stuff up , make stuff
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1. Solar electric generator
2. Satelite TV with NFL Network
3. George Foreman Grill
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Fishing line, cause your gonna get hungry
Rope, to make things
Big jug/cup, for water
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I feel this is a trick question, so here is my answer.

1) A Boat
2) Fuel For The Boat
3) A Compass.

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Donald trump
A knife
A camera
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Library wroteFishing line, cause your gonna get hungry
Rope, to make things
Big jug/cup, for water

You're gonna die on that island.

I'd take;
The SAS survival guide
A flare gun with a full pack of flares
A complete fishing set
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Knife another person and fire starter
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Another person
And a hunting gun
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Fire starter

And a hammock
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A plane
A pilot
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