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So I'm just going to say right away that yes, I have a full plan to be leaving my current job since I am unhappy. I am leaving in August for college at Full Sail University and still need the job so quitting isn't an option.

I started a little over a year ago as a part time office assistant. I worked my way up and showed great work and was promoted to full time with my own assistant.

I have had about 4 total assistants since I took on this position. One of which was a close friend that I sadly had to recommend being let go because of poor attendance.

Directly after a new person was hired, without my say and without me meeting her since she was a friend of our CEO. That makes sense.

Well today I find out she is making a dollar more an hour than me. Her job responsibilities are completely cut in half from mine. She is making $3 over my starting wage in her position.

I understand she has maybe more experience, but over the course of this year I have shown nothing but great work ethic.

Is it unreasonable for me to be upset over a person working under me making more an hour?

How do I approach this?

I am very upset with this matter as I am already underpaid in my position at the national average. I am very much stuck since quitting and searching for a new job would affect my future in college

I know likely I will just have to touch this out and just go with it. Just needed to rant I guess.
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Could always argue equailty, as long as you can prove you have a bigger work flow and work harder I'd say you have a decent case. Better call Saul Kappa.

Seriously, I would speak to your manager/boss whomever and discuss about your pay. I wouldn't threaten the firm with leaving as that never resolves the issue.

I'm in a similar issue where I'm working as an apprentice doing my level 5 however I put a lot more work in as I'm the 'newbie' however I'm probably one of the most hardest working people here.
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Well if you do decide to put in for a raise do not mention that you know her pay wage in any way as that is a firing offense in some companies.
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You could always argue it with your CEO in a friendly way, just mention it to him, or take it up with human resources. (If thats a thing in the states).

Alternatively you could just grit your teeth and accept that unfortunately that is the way the world works. My job is rife with corruption but I cant do anything about it.
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PapaLarge wroteWell if you do decide to put in for a raise do not mention that you know her pay wage in any way as that is a firing offense in some companies.

The issue is I just simply over heard the conversation. They didn't exactly take means to make it private. The door was wide open on my way to the restroom.
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I would personally write a letter to your boss about how you are feeling atm and possibly ask for a wage rise and explain that you feel you have been working very hard to earn it.

Honesty is the most important thing in these situations and if you are already thinking about leaving what's the worst that could happen.

I hope all goes well and you sort out the situation.
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Any particular reason for going to Full Sail? It's a for-profit university that isn't accredited in many cases. It's relatively expensive and has comparatively low job placement rates to cheap state schools. With that said, there are Full Sail alumni who do become very successful, but you just need to be aware of what you're getting yourself into.

As for the job, you have every right to ask your manager for a raise and you should do so.
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If you let it happen and don't do anything about it.
Nothing will come from it. You gotta stand up from yourself in those types of situations because they think they just can. Which is not okay.

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Talk to your boss/ supervisor about this issue. If doesn't get resolved take it further.
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Reminds me of my last job, I loved the job but they was paying me the very minimum like £5.50 an hour and I was extremely hard working while the girls that just take calls and respond to emails, sitting behind the front desk on their phones throughout the day were making over £8 an hour, made me pretty angry.
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