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Hi, my motherboard is an old MSI 2AEO, and I was wondering what graphics cards would be compatible with it. I was thinking about just picking up a 760ti and chucking it into it, thanks in advance!
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You can pretty much put any GPU in there so to say. A 760ti would work just fine since the motherboard has a PCIE 16 X slot.

I'd look at upgrading that CPU, Motherboard and RAM tbh before you go out and get a GPU. You'll be bottle necked by that CPU most likely.

Could you post your full specs that you have and a budget that we can work with?
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Where are you finding a 760Ti? Those are pretty rare AFAIK. You would probably see a gain if you did add a 760Ti, but as Adam said, CPU will likely be a bottleneck. FM2 motherboard and no discrete GPU means you have an A10-6800K at best, so you might be better off upgrading to a Ryzen APU if possible.
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