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So you're tired of Windows? So you wanted to switch to Linux whether you wanted to switch it up, or just learn something new, these are a few tips to get you started!


I can not stress this enough DO NOT wipe your PC and dive straight into Linux if you do not know what you're getting into. Just download a VM and start from there and this is also a way to keep you from freaking out if it does not work.

2. Stick with Linux Mint, Linux Lite or Ubuntu

These are distros ( distributions ) of Linux. There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of them. That being said stick to those three because they are the most popular, the most supported, and the most user-friendly for the newer users there are going to be your best bet!

3. Understand the Basics of the Linux Filesystem

In Linux there, you don't just go to the website and download an exe file and install a program you want. Some programs you cant even get on Linux because it is not supported, to install a program you have to go through something called the terminal and without knowledge of this process and commands you will be doing a LOT of googling so the best bet is to just learn the basic commands of the terminal and learning root, sudo commands so when you need to download, update your computer you can do so without being so confused

4. Finding The Programs You Need

There is a site called [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] that best helps with finding the Linux equivalent to programs in Windows.

5. Stay Updated.

The first thing you should do after finishing up your new Linux distro is to update it! Automatic updates are probably already enabled by default on your Ubuntu or Linux Mint installation, but if you want to see it for yourself or tweak any settings, navigate to the following menus:

Ubuntu: Settings>Software & Updates>Updates

Linux Mint: Open Update Manager and select one of three options: "Just keep my computer safe" which only automatically install security-related updates, "Let me review sensitive updates", which will allow you to see any updates that are unrelated to security so you can review them before installing, or "Always update everything" which keeps everything automatically updated without user intervention.

If you want to be super sure your Linux machine is up to date open the terminal and type apt-get update then apt-get upgrade to get the most out of your machine!

Why people use Linux

People can use Linux for anonymous web browsing, online banking, ethical hacking, penetration testing, to just have a more customizable desktop environment. And even to run servers! A lot of the biggest tech companies and big organizations use Linux for the server computers. Mainly because 90% of viruses and malware are made to attack Windows operating systems ( because its the most popular ) and within Linux you can really only add programs to your computer that are virus free and verified you would have to really try to get a virus on a Linux machine.

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Thanks for the tutorial. Much appreciated , I might give this a go.
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You should! I am trying out a different distro in a VM right now! [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] [img][/img]
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Thanks for the info man, been thinking of setting up a VM
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Hey man this is a really cool topic. I have never used or thought to use Linux but this is really informative.
My thought, maybe add a section(maybe a spoiler section) where you can explain the positives of using Linux, why someone would use it, etc because I really don't know anything about it besides people use it for servers.
Anyways, that would just be something for people that know nothing about it (like me)

Either way, this is insanely informative and laid out very nicely, thanks for taking the time to help out the community. Take my rep pls.
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I would like to add that virtual machines can be overwhelming for some users.
So an easier way to test the operating system to burn an ISO file to a cd/dvd. (you can use a USB too)
Some distributions will allow you to run the OS directly off of the cd/dvd then you can choose to install it to a drive when you're ready.

here is an example tutorial for ubuntu:
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