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What's up guys just looking for some advice

I bought an iPad prom12.9 inch for Christmas costing 1120 Pounds which is equivalent to around 1500 dollars and last week out of nowhere the touchscreen became very laggy and unresponsive , it freezes every 10 minutes or so and won't unfreeze until I back out of the app/internet then it freezes again

I've tried all repair steps like hard reboot , resetting the iPad to factory default and updating software , I am bringing it back to the store and am wondering what the issue would be resolved with or will I be compensated, I'm still in 12 month warranty


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What does you warranty cover? Sometimes the warranty only covers certain things that may not help in your case.

Back when I had an iPhone 7, I got the warranty with it and I ended up dropping it and it cracked. I took it back to the store and they said since i'm the one the caused the damage, I had to pay for the replacement. They will most likely test your device and check to see if there's any signs of damage that you may have caused. If you know for a fact that you did nothing wrong, take it in and they should either give you a replacement or a refund for the device.

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