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I was extremely unhappy with Windows 10, so I switched to Ubuntu for about half a year now I am currently on Windows 7. And boy, does it feel amazing to be back on this OS. I have not had any problems with it and I love the simplistic feel of the nostalgic Windows 7. This is the OS I mainly remember starting with computers with Windows 7, and XP. I love this OS and I think this will be the main OS I use from now on. What OS are you currently running and what is your favorite?
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PC :Windows 10
Laptop 1: Windows 10
Laptop 2: ElementaryOS
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Pc is running windows 10 arch
Laptop running windows

Then the other random computers are all running arch
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Windows 10, Ubuntu (Linux) and Kali (Linux).
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I used Windows 7 for the longest time. It took me over a year and half to finally leave it and switch to Windows 10, but I have to admit that I do really like using Windows 10. It is a very simplistic OS, but I can dig it.
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Windows 7 is the best, AFTER WINDOWS 8.1 BOIIIIIIII
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Windows 10 atm but I might switch back to windows 7 as well, I feel my computer runs cleaner on that OS

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Personally always loved XP, don't know why but I really like windows 7 too, probably because of the smooth proformance.
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Running 10 throughout. 4K scaling on previous versions of Windows just didn't work. Even 10 doesn't work tbh but it works a lot better than say 7 did.
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Windows 7 in extended support, EOL in 2020 bois so SWITCH BACK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE

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