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When I go to the movies , I love mixing Popcorn with M & M's. I don't know why , taste so good.

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Pineapple, ham, and cheese pizza is my favorite!
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I love ranch dressing on my hamburger
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I don't eat McDonald's anymore, but I used to love dunking my fries in my chocolate milkshake
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BBQ sauce goes on nearly all food for me. Suppose that's fairly odd.

Apart from that, I don't think I'm that extravagant with my food.
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Whenever I have a steak I like putting aunt jemima maple syrup on it.

Don't knock it till you try it
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Cheesy pasta with tomato sauce
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I have a Jam and Peanut butter sandwich in the morning every 2-3 days
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Chocolate and crisps/chips.

Pretty dang tasty but weird and very enjoyable.
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When I was younger I really liked my eggs with ketchup.
Now I can't stand tomatoes even the sight of them make me gag idk why

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