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Random question lol
How much time do you think you spend on your phone a day.
I probably spend close to 6 hours throughout the day on my phone

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Roughly 3-4 hours sometimes more
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I'm on my phone a lot! Maybe a couple of hours.
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I would only say about 1-2 hours if that.
Not on it much haha

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Mostly on mine for around 6-7 hours
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Probably around 3 hours, maybe 4... usually on TTG, social media, or YouTube watching fortnite videos.
If you consider listening to music being on your phone, then 5 or 6.
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2-5 hours a day. Mainly job hunting
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I think I spend ca. 60% of my day on the Smart phone.

The most time I waste on Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Facebook.
Also I write a lot of mails with my phone :p
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Probably about 4/5 hours on a day that I have work and then a good 11/12 hours on my days off because it's what I use this and YouTube etc with no laptop atm
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Easily a good few hours, especially in bed.
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