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Hi , i'm doing a Multi Cod free service , i'll try my best to give everyone mods. The only downside is if we have different times zones.

Please be advise I don't do co host at all , I also don't mod on Black Ops 1 , Black Ops 3 , Cod Ghosts & Advance Warfare. I also don't do co host , i only give you co host to select your stats. Please don't abuse this. Please only comment your gamertag once , don't post it multiple times , if I already have given you mods before you'll be last on my list to get to.

I'll now host if there is enough people interested , for example cod 4 infections. If there is 3-4 people wanting it , i'll try to get on asap , depends on how busy I am. I will no longer be putting closed or open.

As of the 16/04/2018 , I'm putting in to get this topic closed. You can still message me on here for mods if you want to. Due to being pretty busy atm and i'm still going to try to help out. I thank you for your interest

Rules for this post

1. Please post your gamertag for an invite and telling me what game you need modding for , after I give you the mods. You can remove your gamertag from the post , just put something else instead of having your gamertag in the post .
2.Please comment here , not private message me. As it makes it harder for me to keep track of. Unless you don't wan't to post your gamertag to the public. You must comment first before you message me if you don't want to post your gamertag to the public.

My Time Zone
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Reason I may take awhile to give my service
- I may be to busy
- While your awake i might be asleep , vice versa
- Same goes with xbox , when I come on , you may be offline

Games Rules ( Must Read ) - Please now put what game you need mods for.

Rules for Black Ops 2 Camo & Xp Lobby
1. Join Session in progress , my gamertag is
2. Once you join , you'll get atomically kicked
3. Keep join until desired rank
4.Once your level 55 it'll unlock camo's
5. Please don't spam me with messages
Black Ops 2 Menu - Jiggy 4.5

Cod 4 Menu - Turnip Stealth Menu
Rules for Cod 4 Infections
( Post your gamertag for an invite , even if it's closed.)
How it works .
[1. Wait for me to invite you
2. I need atleast three people in the lobby , before I start it,
3. Once your in , i'll start the game and wait till it infects you
4. Once it says your infected you can leave or says leave game and you will now have the menu.
5. Once you turn off your xbox/Dashboard it , the infections should disappear.

Rules for MW3
1 . Post your gamertag
2. I'll invite and give you co host.
3. Select your stats ( When you select your stats and you leave it'll change or i end game)
4. Once finish with stats back out.

1. Post gamertag for an invite
2. I'll invite you
3. Select your stats , then back out

1. Post gamertag for an invite
2. I'll invite you .
3. Select stats , then down yourself .

After with my service be sure to go online an get a kill so it sticks.

Please don't post legit , if you haven't even been in the lobby.


I would be gladly appreciated if you could thank this topic after I have given you my service. In saying that it's only optional to do so , up to you if you want to do it.

I'm not responsible nor TTG if you encounter any Bans or suspensions. As there is always a risk when it comes to modding , there is always a possibility. I suggest not doing it on your main account and doing it on an another account.

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Gt R96Y

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Gt: Fjerce

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invite me to cod 4 bro gt Ohh oPixL
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Be sure to keep an eye out when the lobby is closed or open. I may switch between Cod 4 & Black Ops 2 . The title may change depending on what game i'm hosting.
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Gamertag- raawmirez
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Are you going to be hosting blackops 2 now
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No sorry , just keep an eye on the title if open or closed.

If i'm hosting on cod 4 , it'll say cod 4 infections. If on Black ops 2 it'll say Black Ops 2 Camo & Xp lobby
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Wow missed the lobby by like a minute.
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