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Hey guys it's great t9 be back on the techgame, my name is Silksaxon used to be Weemo170 years ago when the site started .

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Xbox (04-15-2018), Mikey (04-12-2018), KyloCrux (04-10-2018), Geostorm (04-09-2018), Cronik (04-09-2018)
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Welcome back bro, make sure to stay active and browse the forums plenty of things to check out! See you around
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Welcome back man ,

And by the way you could contact staff an they could help you get your old account back most likely
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Welcome back
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Welcome back brother.
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Welcome back man. If you need help with anything shoot me a PM.
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welcome back man
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Welcome back bro hope to see you around
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Big warm welcome to the site my friend, pop into the shoutbox and make some friends, ill be down for a little chat.
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Welcome back m8.

So I take it you had a older account. If I was you I would try to PM a staff member and hopefully they can help you get into your first account.

Either way good to see you back and hopefully active within the forums.

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