Xbox OneXbox one won't connect to Internet.Posted:

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My Xbox one won't allow me to connect to the Internet but I can send and receive messages on it but the received messages won't be a notification.

I've hard reset Xbox and modem and still no luck. I've left it unplugged, done everything. I've had this happen but I just simply restarted Xbox and it fixed. Does anyone know how to fix this. Please don't recommend me to Xbox support, they are incredibly useless in problems such as this. Thanks
It says
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Try port forwarding a shot or seen on a video Quick fix settings-network-advanced-Mac address-clear hope it helps

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When you go to your network settings does it say you have a strict NAT type? When you click detailed network statistics what does it say your speed is?
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All I did was restart my Xbox and reset my WiFi worked just fine
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