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Was only 15 years old when I first joined TTG trying to get my hands on some mod for world at war haha.

Im now 24 years old dam times flies when your having fun

I want to know in the comment below why you first joined TTG forums?

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Dam man you're and oldie for sure ,

Hope to see you around
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  • Gold Gifter
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congrats on the big 9!
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  • Winter 2017
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Congrats on your 9th year dude. Would love to see you more active around the site.
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Congratulations dude!

I joined to find lobbies, pretty much like everyone else my age
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  • V5 Launch
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Welcome to the club!
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats man
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Wow huge congratulations on being a true og with 9 long years.

Good to see guys like you pop in from time to time.

I joined for the good ole mw2 mods.

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  • Christmas!
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Damm 9 years

Goodjob on the daily average post count
0.0079147641 average over a day over 9 years

Just kidding congrats on 9 years
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats on 9 Years on TTG onto 10!
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