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Fortnite's newest patch has been delayed. Update 3.3 was supposed to go live on March 14, but developer Epic ran into an unspecified "issue," so the studio is delaying the patch until it can fix it. Epic added that it is currently working on a solution and will announce more details on its progress as information becomes available.

There is no word about what's in the 3.3 update, but the developer did tease that players will be able to come across a Supply Llama in Battle Royale. The update may also include remote explosives, a newly revealed item that players will be able to detonate from a distance.

While the update's delay is a bummer, it also means you have more time to play the limited-time Teams of 20 mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The mode is scheduled to be removed from the game with the 3.3 update, so with the patch delayed, that means you can play the mode for even longer.

Teams of 20 has been available in Fortnite since earlier this month. The mode pits five teams against each other, with each team containing 20 players. Developer Epic releases limited-time modes for Fortnite on a semi-regular basis. One of the previous ones was called Solid Gold, which made every item in the game Legendary. We can only imagine what limited-time mode will come next.

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Mooneye (03-14-2018)
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I was just on Twitter and seen they tweeted this.

Kind of sucks but kind of doesn't this Patch was suppose to take 20v20 away.
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perfectly fine with that, as long as they don't release half done patches, ill take it.
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