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Hello TTG, is been a long time! I used to host PS3 lobbies back in 2015 under the username -__ but forgot my password lol. Moving on, I have revelry had the urge to buy another cfw ps3, after selling
Mine a while ago, when I realised there has been a new exploit on 4.81 which is huge as I know lists of people were working on a jail break post 3.55. My question is, is there a working jailbreak / exploit that can work on the super slim consoles so save me buying another one?

It's good to be back!

Thanks, SethDaGod
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No, I dont think you can jailbreak super slims, correct me if I'm wrong...
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You can't jailbreak Super Slims, Though a team of programmers / hackers have exploited it to allow you to run ps1, ps2 and psp games on your super slim.

Just like up PS3Xploit V3 on google <3

Same team apparently released a tool to Jailbreak OFW 4.82 with PHAT / EArly Slim models of the playstation 3. That's the V2 version, go look them up, pretty cool stuff.

I can confirm V3 works, as I have Spyro running on my Superslim and the Getaway Black Monday on it too :p
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