GTA 5Trouble With Installign GTA5 ON MY RGH 'HELP'Posted:

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I am having trouble installing gta5. I installed the first disc then copied the folder 545408A7 into the content folder of the root ''0000000000000'

now i deleted the gta5 first disc and installed the 2nd disc. but every time i start up the game in XEX I get the "FATAL CRASH INTERCEPTED" error.

Can someone help?

(used Freestyle-dash to extract the discs)
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im no massive modder but ive heard a lot that if you try install gta 5 discs on xexmenu or anything it wont work, ive just installed disc one to normal hardrive and not xexmenu or anything then just run disc 2 off the disc and works fine, ive started getting that error intercepted but thats because my jiggy menu wasnt working.
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This is a guide I added to the site which I did and I've not had any issues with GTA. Might be worth checking to see if you have done the same steps.

Make sure you are loading up the right disc
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Make a new folder in games and copy the disc to that folder in xexmenu.
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