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Hello Everyone... after going through hell the last 3 days i really need help... i duno what to do anymore.. so me and my ex girlfriend got together May 2016 and its almost been 2 years now and last Friday we went out with our friends had a really lovely day like any other day.. and she left mine at 9 om and text me saying we should break up and she doesn't want to be with me anymore out of no where she said this... and its really killed me i love her so much we have been through everything together and she has been such a big part of my life, i have asked her if we can work things out and try again but she said No she cant and that she has lost feeling for me but then she said she hasn't and then she said she has and its really confused me and i dont want too loose her we have made so many memories

as embarrassing as it is to say but i have cried my self to sleep for the last 3 days... i cant stop thinking about her what do i do ?
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I know it's hard buddy. I had a girlfriend who I dated for almost 2 years and we broke up too a while back because we just weren't feeling that spark anymore. It's a hard situation but I promise it'll get better. You can either text and try to work it out but honestly that'll stress you out more and if she doesn't want to get back together than it'll make you even more sad. My advice is to just take a second and honestly evaluate the situation and how your relationship has been going recently. That one night may have been perfect but there could've been something else maybe from even in the past that caught up and made your girl have enough. I don't know the circumstances but keep your head up buddy. There are plenty of women out there and I'm positive that your girl won't be the first or last. It happens to all of us.
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Its gonna be hard man just got give it time to heal people just stop loving and dont feel that same connection it happens dont blame yourself because it will only make you feel worse.As they say Plenty more fish in the sea.
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You'll get over it eventually my dude.
If you still have feelings for this chick and she doesn't have feelings for you then move on. Don't cry over a girl. Plenty of fish in the sea.
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Thank you all so much for the kind words, I appreciate it very much !
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trust me i been thru it just find another hobby try something new get your mind off her show her you dont care and everything will be fine.
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Hey man. I know how tough it is, but you gotta stay strong. Not all relationships work out man. I was with a girl for 6 years and thought she was my sole mate. We dated all through middle and high school and once we graduated she left for college and never responded to any of my messages. I've since then had two kids and am getting married later this year. Just some proof things do get better.

Stay strong and keep yourself busy. Work more, game more, just keep yourself busy and eventually you'll forget about it.
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I don't know how old you are, But its not over. I guarantee you that. Life will go on. You may not get back together with her or you might. you never know but don't expect it or wait for it. some people come in your life temporarily to teach you something and others come in forever.

Use this time now to focus on your self, Do things you used to do before you two dated or bring up a new hobby. Go to the Gym, Go on a hike, take a small vacation just do you.
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Move on to better things. Bad shit happens for a reason and sometimes you need to tear down your old shit to get new and improved shit feel me. People lose feelings it's not the end of the world just get your money and live your life. She wasn't the one another one will come by and she will fill your life with more happiness than you can ever imagine. & then she'll leave too eventually but that's how the world spins my dude just get your money
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