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Can't believe I have hit this milestone, a 7 year member already. Over these last 7 years I have meet some great people and one or two not so great. I hope to reach lot more milestones before I hit a 8 year member such as maybe 1000 REP, 2k Thanks and maybe the gold gifter. I like to say thank you to everyone I talked to in the last 7 years.

And a Special Thanks to the following

My Chaotic360 Team
My customers
Zach(Even though he hits me)
Famous(Even though he's dull)
Axios(Who can't love him)
Sean(Allowing Zach to give me my trusted seller badge)
MaDz(always offering to help me in anyway)
XeCookie_ (Always helping me testing)
Chat(His Nan is so hot)
IP(Fun to bully)
Simplicity(So strict he reminds me of my head teacher)
prodigy(Asking Sean to allow me open my shop)

and most importantly this User for being Awesome

If you willing to donate some REP and Thanks to help me towards my next goal I share Chats Nan with you

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David hs turned 7 years old today At least he still acts his age.

Congrats on the milestone 1337 haxzor
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Congrats on 7 years, glad I made the thanks list. Let me know if you need some testing hehe!
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congrats on the 7 year tenure man, your contributions to this community are outstanding. Ch360 has come very far since first release, congrats on all your success, n wish you nothing but the best for your next 7 years
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well, Congrats on 7 years, I feel that my grandmother has got more of a shoutout & thanks than I myself have, regardless keep up everything you do for the modding community & support related stuff.
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Happy 7 years you oldie.

See you at 8
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You old fart. Grats my guy.
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Congrats on 7 years dude. Amazing milestone!
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Congrats on 7 years ,
You're an oldie
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You so old man, congrats on 7 years
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