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Now I'm not talking about a new generation of consoles because that's inevitable as the technology advances.

But do you think it's possible for a new company to bring out a console great enough that it could compete in the market or the Xbox & PlayStation and just to keep the PC weebs happy the PC generation too.

Let me know and why?
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possible? yes. but would be very hard to do considering the big companies are "set" to being the normal. And not to mention all the legal stuff behind the scenes, just is very unlikely but could happen
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I personally think consoles will end & just use a dumbed down PC. Maximum profits off lowest middle standard specs.
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It'd obviously have to be a revolutionary console for it to play a part in the gaming market. It'd have to compete with Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation; honestly, I can't see a brand new company creating a console that would come close to or surpass what we have now.

VR is out the window, seeing as how the main console companies have already started to set foot into the virtual reality gaming realm so there's no entry through there, unless the company has a completely perfect VR system.

At most, one of the companies that dominate the market now could create a new type of console that has nothing to do with their already released consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo) but I don't see that happening.

All in all, no; I don't believe it could happen as the companies with consoles available now have cemented their place in the gaming market.
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Eventually, there will be something new like always, I just would like to see something different, rather than another ps or Xbox.
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I don't think it will ever happen in my opinion
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Possible, I guess but wont happen, because of the market alone it would be stupid as well as the fact that consoles are reaching their limit there isnt much of a point in going much further and even if you do want to go a little further PC is already there for the people who do.
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There is still a chance for the xbox 720 lol
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Bring back the gameboy
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I think we'll get to a point where specs ect wont matter at all. Due to cloud gaming growing
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