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Players who have yet to catch Pokemon Go's latest Legendary, Rayquaza, will have to act fast if they hope to add one to their teams. The Sky-High Pokemon will only be available for a few more days, making this your last opportunity to capture one before it leaves the game.

Rayquaza will appear in Raid Battles at Gyms until Friday, March 16. Like all other Legendary Pokemon, players will first have to team up with other trainers to battle it; only after it has been defeated will you have a chance to capture one. While powerful, Rayquaza's dual Dragon and Flying typing makes it particularly susceptible to Ice-type attacks, so players should bring Ice Pokemon such as Piloswine and Lapras to battle it.

Rayquaza is the third Gen 3 Legendary to appear in Pokemon Go, following Groudon and Kyogre, who each appeared in Raid Battles earlier this year. The two temporarily returned to the game in February as part of Legendary Week, a 10-day event that would be followed by a different set of rewards based on which Legendary players defeated the most.

As a result of Legendary Week, Pokemon that typically spawn in windy conditions, such as Bagon, are more likely to hatch from Eggs until March 16. In addition to that, Raid Battles likewise feature Pokemon that prefer windy weather. Players will also receive double XP as an added bonus from now until March 16.

The third Pokemon Go Community Day event takes place later this month, on March 25. As before, it will run for a three-hour window of time, during which players will have a chance to capture a rare Pokemon that knows a move it cannot typically learn in the game. Niantic has yet to reveal what the move will be this month, but the featured Pokemon is the Red and Blue starter Bulbasaur.

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Mooneye (03-12-2018)
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I use to play this all the time lol

I thought this game died off tbh.

Might re download it tho and try to catch this.
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