FortniteThe best players On Console are BETTER than Ninja!Posted:

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These Fortnite Battle Royale Pros on Xbox are actually insane. Probably in the same tier as Avxry or something! ALSO A FREE VBUCKS GIVEAWAY IS GOING ON TOO! Check em out!
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Absolute trash lol
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not sure about this one lol
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No offence, but Ninja is far better than any Console player.
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Ninja is superior to console players
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Nobody I've seen YET is up to ninjas standards
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Ninja is a great player, i just don't really like watching him, hamlinz is funny and hes a dope builder.
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That video is full of very average players.

Sitting in towers and houses etc? Sniping and barely moving?

Ninja would relish in a game against the people in that video and probably drop 30 kills minimum. No one is near the skill level of Ninja on Fortnite. He's in a league of his own!
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