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download gta and mw2 dont work tho does anyone know a way to get them
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if you have a jailbroken ps3 you could easily download them from a torrent site and copy them to the ps3 with a usb
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Depends what your using to load the games with, are the games files or an ISO.
Torrents is a decent way of getting them, but you need to fully download the games for them to work.
Psn stuff is another way, but not sure if you can mod PSN store games.
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you can easily torrent ps3 games!

Here ae the steps i use and they work very good!

1: get a paid vpn, HIDEMYASS is what i reccomend
2: get a good ps3 game torrent site, that dosent have corruptede files
3: get filezilla and put in ur ps3 info
4: upload the game folder in "GAMES" folder in dev_hdd0

Hope this helps!
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