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As a long time member of this site I am sick and tired of seeing "reported for Cheating/Modding" by other newbies of this site on posts related to modding games,they weren't around during the golden era of MW2 Unlock all lobbies and don't know that this site is built on modding.


/rant over

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Happens a lot more now. As I'm a somewhat well known modder/youtuber I get it a lot. When I come here I expect peace, not always the case
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TTG was not as it once was 6 years ago man.

I wish it was too but it ain't, the modding scene is dead unless its new gen.
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LXXXII wroteTTG was not as it once was 6 years ago man.

I wish it was too but it ain't, the modding scene is dead unless its new gen.

did you even read the post?
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Could be people working for sledgehammer ect to track down modders to ban them hmm.
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In case you didn't know, there's many categories of forums on this site. MW2 is xyz years old. People have lost interest and grew up and got jobs and families and other hobbies. Gotta move on
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I feel you on that man. If you don't want to see people modding, don't look at the posts and stay to the one more suited for your enjoyment. No need to harass people doing what the site is intended for.
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Confused on where you see these post at. I have never seen them on the site.
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Meh, I only came here for the graphics section. Hackers ruin gaming.
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The site has been moving towards a general discussion board for quite a while now. There's still modding and we use it, it's just not like it was a few years ago unfortunately.
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