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Well since golf is not a topic what so ever. I am just curious if I am the only one that enjoys watching and especially enjoys playing it on here? I think i might the the lone wolf here. Just wanting to see yalls opinions or thoughts about it
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I used to like golf when I was younger as my dad helped run a golf course we were there quite a lot. Haven't really played it properly in a long time, although I do go out to the driving range with my mates sometimes. That's about the only golf I do, only good at smashing them. Not good at putting or any accuracy when it comes to that
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Top Golf is coming to my city of Louisville i night have to train there so i can get a round of 18 in.
Golf is 100 times better when you have a golf cart to drive.
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Golf is fun to play, but terrible to watch unless the TIGER is on the prowl. Lol

No but seriously, I'd watch golf but they have to speed it up. I suck and its still fun to play so I know the sport can be entertaining.
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