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So to start off I need help to spoof a location on a Iphone 7 or 8, not sure the IOS at this second(waiting for the response). Also, she is 21 and still living at home, to stay living there she has to have Life360 the tracking app. It is completely crazy, and yes they are very controlling.

I have been searching around for how to beat it, redmondpie had one that was promising but it no longer works o ios 11 and up. Basically by using Ibackup bot.
Jailbreaks are getting closer, but they don't have the location spoofers usable on Ios 11 and up.
VPN's only do so much, and they only do where their servers are at.
The one I haven't been able to try is xcode to edit the app, I don't have a mac(I game mostly so mac is meh).
I was thinking trying an iphone emulator and spoof my pc's location, but I don't know of one decent enough and I don't know where to get the Ipa file for that.

I have an Iphone se to try stuff out on with no worries if it dies or not. I also have an android, which is great if she is always spending time with me since it is my main phone but I want her to be able to choose her location at will and be her own person too lol.

Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated, and yes I know they're very controlling.
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