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NO WAY MAN!!!! 20,000 posts has finally arrived

Now a lot of you will know this has been a long time coming, its ya boy has finally hit the dreaded 20,000 posts. Not much to report just still extremely busy studying a masters degree so i hope to be well and truly back at some point in the near future.

Special for me as i'm only the 3rd person to hit this milestone!

Until then my whole friends list is to thank, as well as all the staff and users who make this site what it is.

Love you all.

It's a shame my rep game is so weak *Hint Hint*

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Mickers finally hits 20k post. Happy for you man. This is one big milestone and I can see you are happy about it. Like you said, not to many people can or will achieve this milestone so thumbs up for you on this.
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About bloody time dude jesus shit

Gratatatata mate...

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Nice to see you return and hit this milestone.

Congratz lad. You'll forever be in my good books as long as your beating Craig in posts
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Congrats on 20k man!

See you at 30k
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Congrats on 20k, one hell of a milestone! Onwards to 40k?

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Congrats man
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Damn.. you made it! Congrats bud!
Keep up the grind
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Congrats on 20,000 post ,

Way to go man
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