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So i have returned, most of you will not remember me but i was very helpful among pc support and modded lobbies for the 360 back when iso mods from deadlyfishes were they thing to have.

i actually had a new account but found a old post and recovered my account, it has been so long and hopefully will see new usernames to talk to online

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Welcome back to the site!
Be sure to refresh on the rules, see you around
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Welcome back to the site man, make sure you let staff know about your other account as they will need to remove it as your only allow one account. If you wanna have a chat man, pop into the Shoutbox is in there every day looking for new people to talk to. Also if you fancy having a gold membership, just post on my topic here and I will gift you gold today. See you around buddy.
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Welcome back man.

Hope to see you active around the site
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Welcome back to the site
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Welcome back bro, see you around
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Better late than never, welcome back to the freak show.
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Welcome back hope to see you around the forums
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