GeneralAnyone have any luck recovering data from a dying/dead hdd?Posted:

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I have an old hard drive that is in the process of dying (hopefully not dead yet), when its plugged in it spins but its loud as hell and my computer hasn't been detecting it. Just wondering if anyone has been able to recover stuff from a dying (again hopefully not dead yet) hard drive.

Any tips will be very helpful in recovering any data from it because I stored 1000s of pictures on this drive
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I've very recently just had a 3TB drive die in my rig. POST times were up to about 10 minutes which I thought was odd, had a look, one of my HDD's wasn't showing.

After I took it out of the cage and had it on my desk, I plugged it back in, waited a while and it appeared. I managed to copy all the files over as soon as it reappeared.

I'd suggest doing the same but knowing PC hardware, I doubt my issues will be the same as yours.

You can't do much with a dying HDD tbh since it's a physical device that is dying. Have a look to see if it's showing is diskpart. If it's not, then I'd say it's dead.

Good like, I hate troubleshooting storage devices.
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Complete a chkdsk "x:" see if any bad sectors arise.

There are plenty of tools for data recovery however as said above. When the disk stops spinning thats it...

You'll be looking at sending the HDD to a data recovery specialist. Like said, get the data off it quickly mate.
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