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The classic GameCube title Luigi's Mansion is being released on 3DS this year. It was one of the few surprise 3DS games that Nintendo revealed during today's Direct presentation.

Luigi's Mansion was originally released alongside the GameCube in 2001. Unlike a traditional Mario title, players take control of Luigi, who must investigate a haunted mansion to rescue Mario from the ghosts that inhabit it. Rather than jump on foes, Luigi is armed with a vacuum-like device called the Poltergust 3000, which he must use to suck up ghosts.

The 3DS version of Luigi's Mansion features the same storyline and levels as the original GameCube title, but now players can view a map of the mansion on the handheld's bottom screen. The game also features a new Boss Rush mode and touched up visuals.

A sequel to Luigi's Mansion, Dark Moon, released for 3DS in 2013. Nintendo hasn't announced a release date for the Luigi's Mansion remake, but it's slated to arrive later this year. You can find more news from today's presentation in our roundup of all the new Switch and 3DS games from the Nintendo Direct March 2018.

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