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I am currently working night shifts so I'm constantly changing my sleeping pattern. I'm trying to avoid drinking monster and red bull etc from now on, what are some other alternatives? I was looking at GFUEL, but is it worth the money?

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Mooneye (03-08-2018)
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1337rep wroteWater

Make sure you get a good sleep before your shift as well. Then just stick on the water
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Mountain Dew Kickstart.

I enjoy them very much.
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1337rep wroteWater
Could not agree more.
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LXXXII wroteMountain Dew Kickstart.

I enjoy them very much.

Mountain Dew is rare to find in shops here in the UK
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I also agree with the water comment, I stopped drinking soda and energy drinks months ago and I feel great. If you drink the proper amount of water you will feel more alert and healthier and not have the consequences of a crash
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GFuel is overpriced and gross.... Nothing beats a nice tall dark cup of coffee
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Belvie it or not, you will get more energy if you drink plenty of water.
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