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If this masterpiece is thought about being brought back I don't know whether I want it remastered or just simply becoming backwards compatible for me to enjoy it.

Why I don't want it remastered:
I just see Infinity Ward ruining a game that everyone loves as I can predict Supply Drops, New Guns, etc. being added just like every other CoD from Advanced Warfare to World War II has done and I don't want to be spending money just to get these new guns just to be able to compete against them.
They did this with MWR and I was excited when I first started playing but later come to find Supply Drops and new guns being added in thus ruining the original feel just by adding in this feature.

Why I do want it remastered:
Improved graphics and game physics. Were in 2018 and we have the technology so minus well make the game look and feel better then ever.
I also realize that the whole modding scene will become the biggest problem if it does become backwards compatible cause I know there is no doubt that modding will become a huge problem for this game as it already has been back in the day therefore the only way that Infinity War could prevent this would be by remastering it.

What's your side on this?

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Well. I can understand why they aren't doing backwards compatibility with mw2 because of modders which is fair enough,

However when they remastered COD 4 they made it worse in my opinion they ruined a good game. Yes the graphics are a lot better but why add supply drops?

I wouldn't mind mw2 being remastered as long as they just improve the graphics and not add supply drops and shit.
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I hope they remaster it ,

Especially bring back the noob tubes to Make people cry and rage quit
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I was originally against the idea however, that changed due to the fact that the game is hacked and barely playable. It was one of (if not) one of the top 3 cods, ever. Period. I hope any of them happen.
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I'll think it'll come when it's infinity wards turn on making cod so hopefully 2019
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I hope they remaster it, but literally JUST with better graphics and visuals. No need for extra guns, loot boxes, additional objects around the map etc, just the normal game, with a better look.

Modern Warfare remastered just didn't have the same feel. I just hope they don't ruin MW2 if they remaster it.
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I wish for this so MW2 can have more activity again but honestly I'm hyped for BO4. If its original like BO2 was then Ill be happy.

No flying or anything. Boots on ground please.
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If they keep all the mechanics the same and just upgrade the graphics then it'll be the game of the year yet again! It it probably my favorite call of duty and I would say one of if not the best one made, the maps, engine, class setup was all the best it ever has been, in my opinion mw3 just didn't have it, it just wasn't the same game in any way and they need to go backwards away from lasers and jetpacks. I know this is the same argument alot of people have BUT .... The kids of today playing call of duty don't know a good game yet! They only know this futuristic cp. Rant over haha
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I personally think IW are going to compromise due to the last couple of games they've released, by releasing a remastered edition of MW2 simply because of the losses they've had. That would explain why they haven't made it BC.
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They gonna release it and make the DLC map packs cost more than it did in the past, just like they did with CoD 4 Remastered. It's honestly stupid how they are one of the only game companies who actually sells the remastered DLC separate from the game. Money hungry assholes.
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