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Looks like another year has passed for me and im still kicking and screaming on most days. I thought id inform you all that i have turned 31 today.

Yeah, yeah, i know i am old but gaming has been a part of my life since i can remember and this site is like a second family.
My wife hates this site with a passion because im on it most days just chatting away.

Thanks for all who keep me coming back. Im not 100% sure but i think im top 3 oldest on this site, great statistic, NOT!

So feel free to post on my wall, leave a comment here, and throw me presents! Who doesnt love presents!

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Congrats being 31 years older.
I didn't know that you were that "old"
Happy Birthday, birthday wishes from
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Happy birthday, you know what they say, "old but gold" ;)

Glad you let us know man, here's to another year brother!
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Happy birthday oldie! Kidding, hope you enjoy your day man and stay active on here.
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Happy Birthday bud have a good one today!
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GOD YOUR OLD!! jokes :') happy birthday hope you misses gets you something nice
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Happy birthday bro. Another year older and nothing changes. Hope you have a great one dude.
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31 years old
Damn ol grey beard, you're getting up there.

Happy birthday man!
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Happy birthrday man ,

And it's ok to be gaming at 31

I'll be 50 years old An probably still be gaming
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