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Back when I was 13 years old I punched a TV and my hand went straight through it.

The only game that would make me rage was Fifa, never COD just Fifa

Some amazing rages I put together

Have you ever raged? Worst rage you've had?

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I tend to shout, I don't break things. I'm not a child.

End of the day.. it is just a game!
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Back when I actually had a console in the MW3 days, If I wasn't top, I'd rage.

That was a long time ago. Now, I tend to stick to my logic of not trying at games unless I have to. I never rage at games. But I find it funny for the people who do. (@Redwood)
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I through a 360 controller through my window once because of spawn killers on mw2 haha back when life was simple and that was a really important thing, glad I've grown up and stopped caring asmuch about games
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Oh boy, I don't think I've ever played without having a little rage. :kappa:
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the real rage was back in the Days of Halo 3 and trying to get a 50 in snipers and Lone wolves
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I smashed my bedroom window because I was 1 of a nuke on MW2 and died
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I rage all the time on video games. It's just the competitive nature of me. I use to compete with top teams in COD and Siege for money and would literally break things, yell, etc.. Just who I am I suppose, either that or I have major anger issues Lol
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Back during the mw2 days I used to go through a controller a week lmao. It was so bad.
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Of course, I feel as if any gamer through their years would rage at something.
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