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I actually hit over 80k subs around a week ago.

Was so happy as it's another step towards my goal of 100k, thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way and I will continue to make content regularly to grow the channel more

My channel

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Thanks guys, means a lot

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You just got another I'll watch some at dinner thanks for sharing
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Congrats. Good to see you still get thousands of views too, probably one of the only active YouTube's people post on here

Good luck on reaching 100k that's a great achievement to get
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Huge congrats man almost at 100k!
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Thats insane man.

Im under 1k so its hurts.

Keep grinding
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Congratulations 80k is not a easy milestone

Goodluck on getting 100k
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What your stuff all the time man, I've had you subbed for a while now, and seeing your channel grow is insane. See you at 100k soon
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Congrats on 80k subscribers.

Hope to see you at 100,000 soon.

That is truly an amazing accomplishment.

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Congrats on 80,000 Lye. You have an amazing channel. Keep up the hard work.
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Congrats on all those subs I'm
Going to subscribe now
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