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Welcome to BigModdz services
Fancy anything ive got to offer? pm me then
Why choose me? il tell you why, im a 100% legit, will be available most off the time for anything you need, give you free stuff not just payed!!
In my lobbys this is what i offer (payed)
Remote recoveries
co-host on any cod

The free stufff!
Xp lobbies on any cod
Free vip
unlock all
modded classes mw3
& much much more!

Post your gamertag and what you would like from me or if im online on xbox then message me with what you would like, please be patient if you dont get invited straight away as i will be serving someone else

Come give me a try, im here to help


Game being hosted
all cods

mw3 proof

Bo2 proof

Mw2 proof

BigModdz v2

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  • Christmas!
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  • Blind Luck
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mw2 pls
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