GeneralWhat teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?Posted:

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Mine has to be my 8th Grade teacher Mr. Knight.

I spent alot of time with him in and outside of school. He got me and my best friend out first jobs and he taught us lots.

I would only ever talk to him if I had a issue in school has he was teh only one who was able to understand the way I talked.

What about you guys?
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Mr. Livengood (Yes that was his name).

I had him every year from Freshman to Senior year in highschool. My freshman year was his first year of teaching, he was a young guy right out of college but man was he funny. He was a great teacher and genuinely cared about his students lives in and outside of school.

I ended up liking Mr. Livengood so much that when it was time to pick new electives for next year (He taught business and civic/gov type classes so I could keep getting him if I choose those classes) I would choose 3 classes that he taught. At the end of my senior year I ended up taking 9 classes in highscool taught by him. Absolute best teacher I could have ever had. He's not longer a teacher at my highschool anymore from what my siblings say, he's still there as the head football coach, which I know is what he always wanted to do.

Good teachers really can have an affect on how you turn out when you leave highschool. Mr. Livengood sure had a positive impact on me.
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Mrs.Olds she was the boss and the best woman i ever meet i would help her out in summer school and she would help me with my grades and give me advise she helped me get on a right path.
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Told me I'd be nothing We'll that made me grind harder , Graduated with honors and I was out Valid Victorian , and here I am 4 years after high school an I own my home vehicle an no debt I feel like he contradicted himself
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Spent 3 years in high school with the same class/teacher.
She was amazing, learned so many life skills and school skills from her
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Mrs Kind.. yes she was haha. She was just a supply teacher in my 2nd school but she was the only teacher I settled down for and didn't shout and me constantly, she just seemed to speak to me in a different way than the other teachers and she helped me massively with my grades and lessons in general.
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Mine would probably my college teacher, when I was around 18.

I was on a path going no where and decided to study business, she helped me get through my course and ended up coming top of the class.

Now I'm in a secured job working full time for a bit corporate company, I couldn't thank her enough
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Mine had to be my year eleven form teacher

She was the only one that really gave a shit about me in school don't get me wrong I was a little shit in school but the other teachers were a bunch of *****
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Mr carpenter he told me to hang my self ever since then I strive for greatness
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Mrs. steel my second primary teacher she was the only teacher that seemed real and down to earth and she never shouted at anyone she would just pull them aside and speak to them in a normal manor which is something that you never really saw in my school.
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