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Fortnite5 tips my friend taught me in Fortnite that u need to know!!Posted:

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He showed the stuff he learned from here and ive won like 10 games in the past 13. trust, it all helps.

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First off great video man.

10/10 audio could hear you really well which is always good.

Thanks for the tips too I am trying to get better at fortnite so hopefully this helps.

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Great video man, thanks for sharing I appreciate it
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Great video, pitch perfect audio and some real good tips in there. Basic but true! As you said in the video, I would watch Ninja streams and pick up little bits and bobs from him as he is probably the best player in the world at this game.. guy is godly!
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Great video man.

Im just starting to get into Fortnite and this really brightened my view on it.
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Thank you for sharing this with is, will link it to any friends that start coming onto the game and use some of them myself!

Great Video btw!
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Great tips man know plenty of people coming over to this game and will help a lot
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