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I'm going in a couple weeks tell me about your experience
Did you go to the big brand stores such as Gucci or true religion?
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I went on the rides there. I'd say its pretty cool. My brother lives up there and we go when I visit him. It really is just a giant mall with an amusement park and giant lego statues. I went into a few stores to buy clothes, but gucci isnt really my thing.
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I love it there, I live 3 hours away from it and go every weekend with friends, Honestly it never gets old, all the rides they have, All the name brand stores (Nike, Gucci etc) But the one of my favorite places to stop there is a little Flight simulator they have on the 2nd floor, one of the coolest things there tbh, and if budget permits, go to the rainforest cafe, The coolest thing in the mall hands down, has some of the best food, and the layout they have there, stars and lighting/thunder simulations on the cealing, I recommend you go there if you can, safe travels my dude.
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For a mall it's pretty freaking amazing. Coolest mall I've ever been to.
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It is pretty amazin, they have alot of roller coasters, it was so much fun but jesus christ if you turned your back for one second, youd lose your family because of how big it is lol
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No, but I really really want to. It's like the biggest mall ever !!
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Yeah I've been there before didn't go to any big brand stores just kinda checked it out grabbed some hats
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